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processing and correction of the dental crown, laboratory

Same Day Crowns

processing and correction of the dental crown, illustration

At the Aesthetic Dental Center of Kentucky, Dr. Cornette provides same day custom crowns by utilizing advanced equipment and state of the art technology. 

A crown is a custom made porcelain "cap" that covers the entire crown of the tooth. By providing support a crown can help prevent a weak tooth from breaking and thus requiring extraction. Since it is porcelain it is completely natural looking.

Crowns are good choice for:

Weak teeth - crowns protect weak teeth, typically caused by severe decay. A tooth can also be weak if over ⅔ of the tooth is replaced by a filling or the tooth has had a recent root canal.

Cracked teeth - crowns hold together parts of cracked teeth and restore their natural shape, function, and look.

Worn down teeth - crowns restore broken or severely worn down teeth, typically caused by bruxism (teeth grinding) or dental erosion.

Large fillings - crowns cover and support teeth with large fillings that have little remaining tooth structure left.

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