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Tooth Replacement Options

tooth implant 3D rendering on a white background

Implants consist of a titanium "root" with a custom colored porcelain crown on top. At the Aesthetic Dental Center of Kentucky, Dr. Cornette partners with a local surgeon that places the titanium root; then Dr. Cornette will place the porcelain crown.

  • Functions like normal teeth

  • Natural looking

  • Reduces stress on your remaining natural teeth by offering independent support.

  • Preserves bone, reducing sagging checks and the appearance of aging

  • Easy to clean and care for


As an alternative to an implant, you can replace a missing tooth with a bridge. Three crowns are used used to replace the missing tooth. The crown that replaces the missing tooth is attached to two other crowns, which holds the missing tooth in place. Then the bridge is cemented to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. 

  • Cheaper than an implant

  • Involves two teeth that don't have cavities

dental bridge 3D rendering on a white background
Dentures - Partial and Complete

Why settle for a partial with metal clasps?

Utilizing the latest technology, Dr. Cornette constructs partial dentures that are all acrylic. 

Missing teeth can cause facial muscles to sag over time. Partial Dentures and a full set of dentures are designed to help fill out your facial profile and improve your appearance. They also make it easier to eat, chew, and speak regularly.

  • Natural and youthful appearance

  • Doesn't provide the same feel as other replacement options.

  • Like any partial, it will not fit if you lose a tooth the partial is attached to.

What Is a Flexible Partial Denture?

Flexible partial dentures are an attractive, comfortable, and affordable option for tooth replacement.

Flexible dentures are made from thermoplastic nylon resin. These partial dentures are thin, lightweight, and flexible. They feature tooth and gum-colored clasps that surround the natural teeth.

What Do Flexible Partial Dentures Look Like?

Flexible partials offer high aesthetic results and blend more evenly with the wearer’s natural tissue and surrounding dentition than metal-based dentures.

Old Style
flexible partial dentures with metal
flexible partial dentures
New Flexible Partial
Pros & Cons of Flexible Partials

There are many pros and cons of using partial dentures:

  • Aesthetic — The translucent material blends well with the tissue for a natural-looking smile.

  • Comfort — The flexible dentures are thin and lightweight.

  • Bio-Compatible — There is no metal in flexible partial dentures, so patients with metal allergies may want to consider this option.

  • Flexibility — Flexible partial dentures are not as rigid as traditional dentures made with acrylic.

Flexible Partial Dentures vs. Other Tooth Replacements

In dentistry, there are various options for the replacement of missing teeth. These include:


  • Dental implants

  • Fixed bridges

  • Removable partial dentures

  • Full dentures

Implant Support Dentures

Want dentures that don't  move when you eat or speak?

Implants can be placed and a denture is attached to them. This provides better support and retention. 

implant support dentures 3D rendering on a white background
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